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Browser Software...

Microsoft's Internet Explorer

FTP Software...

Ipswitch's exremely popular WS_FTP Home FTP client for Windows

SmartFTP, an Up-And-Coming, pretty slick, FTP client for Windows
CuteFTP, now a products of GlobalScape, an FTP client for Windows

HTML Editors/Publishers...

Sausage Software's HotDog Pro (6mb+) HTML Editor for Windows-95


WinZip Computing's WinZip Archive Utility for Windows
Macintosh Software...

FTP Software...

Macintosh's Fetch 3.01 FTP client for the MAC

Dialer software...

Macintosh's FreePPP 25rf dialer utility for the MAC

The above links are being supplied as a courtesty to our subscribers and in no way should be interpreted as an endorsement by CamTel.Net or an admission of liability for the effectiveness, performance, or compatibility of the software available. If you decide to install and use the software provided by any of the companies shown here, then you should contact the appropriate company for technical support and further information about their products.
We encourage you to investigate fully the operation, claims, and the pros and cons of any software that you are intending on implementing into your computer system. As some software offers great rewards, there may also be drawbacks. PLEASE use good judgement in choosing ANY software for your computer system.

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