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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)
User Help - Frequently Asked Questions
 What are HTML documents?
HTML documents are the web pages that you view with your browser when you are surfing the net. An HTML document is actually a text file that contains instructions to your browser on how to display and what to display on your screen when you view that webpage.
 What is a Web Area?
A Web Area is storage space set aside on our World-Wide-Webserver for you to store HTML documents, or web pages, that you have created. Documents that can be "browsed", or viewed, by anyone in the world. Publishing documents, or web pages, into your own Web Area establishes you a "presence" on the World-Wide-Web. If you wish to establish you a "presence" on the World-Wide-Web, just contact us or leave email for and a customer service representative will contact you.
 What are compressed files?
Compressed files are files (one or more) that have been compressed, or squeezed, into a single file. The convenience of it being a single file makes it ideal for transferring. A compressed file can't be used in it's compressed form... you must uncompress the file into it's original form(s) before the file or files can be used. There are several utilities that compress files. One of the more popular utilities is PKZIP. The Windows version of this is called WinZip.
 How do I uncompress files?
To uncompress a file you will need an umcompress utility that is capable of uncompressing the file using the same techniques that were used to compress it. Many Microsoft © files can be uncompressed with the expand command. Normally files that end with a .zip extension (eg: can be unzipped with the WinZip program mentioned earlier.
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