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To change your CamTel.Net Email Address Password On-Line

Log into the CamTel.Net WebMail system and sign into web mail using your username and password

After you have signed in successfully, you will be presented with a screen similar to the one below.

Then go to the upper right hand corner under account options and select change password.

It will ask you for the old password and then the new password; it will also ask you to confirm the new password by entering it in a second time. NOTE: Take care as you are typing your password, as you will NOT see your password as you are typing it. You will only see asterisks. This is a security feature.

Click Save.

It will then notify you that the password has been successfully changed or display an error page if it was not successful. From this point you can navigate anywhere within web mail or simply log out.

NOTE: If you use an email client (outlook, outlook express, etc) you will also have to replace your current password with the new password. The easiest way to accomplish this is to open the client and try to send/receive email; it will then prompt you to enter username and password, simply remove your current password and type in the new one. If further assistance is needed please click here.

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